Yeti – Hopper M30 Cooler Bag





Ready for Anything: The YETI® Hopper® Soft Cooler

The YETI® Hopper® Soft Cooler is built to handle anything, with a leakproof liner and Dryhide™ shell that can withstand punctures, UV rays, and leaks. Both the interior and exterior materials are mildew resistant. The ergonomic straps make it easy to carry on any journey, and it comes with the Hitchpoint™ grid so you can securely attach your Sidekick Dry® gear case or tools for the trip.

WARNING: Hopper® Soft Coolers are not compatible with dry ice. Use of dry ice can cause the airtight vessel to explode. Do not leave your soft cooler open in the presence of children and animals, as entrapment and suffocation can occur. This product contains magnets, so placing it near a pacemaker may cause interference.


3-year manufacturer’s warranty
Leak-resistant MagShield access: powerful magnets keep it closed or wide open when you need it
ColdCell™ Insulation keeps your items frosty cold, with impressive cold-holding capability
Leakproof liner eliminates stitching, with leakproof seams in the interior liner
DryHide™ shell with high-density fabric to stand up to punctures and UV rays
HitchPoint™ grid allows you to securely attach your Sidekick Dry® gear case, or load it up with bottle openers and multitools
Ergonomic straps evenly distribute weight for a smooth journey

Australia Wide Shipping
30 Day Return Policy