Privacy Policy


Spear West Pty Ltd respects the privacy of your personal information. Under no circumstances will any information gathered be sold or made available to marketing agencies or other similar parties. The following statement addresses relevant privacy issues, if you have any further questions relating to this privacy statement please do not hesitate to contact us.

Information Collected

Information is collected by our website relating to the number of users who visit the site, the date and time of visits, the number of pages viewed and general traffic patterns. The purpose of this information is to evaluate the performance of the website and to identify ways to improve its relevance and content for our members and visitors. Other information collected via the various forms used by Spear West and during sales made by Spear West is only used to help provide a more efficient and effective service. Spear West will not use personal information for any purpose other than to enable us to improve relationships and better supply and advertise our services. Spear West will not share information collected with any third party unless required by law or a legal instrument.


Spear West takes all possible measures to ensure that personal information is secure from any unauthorised access or disclosure and at all times complies with the The Privacy Act (cth). Security and privacy policies are periodically reviewed as necessary and only authorised individuals have access to information provided by our members and guests.

Linking To Other Websites

Spear West provides links to other websites, not owned or controlled by Spear West, that we think might be useful or of interest to you. We cannot, however, be responsible for the privacy practices used by other website owners or the content or accuracy of those other websites.


If you believe someone has gained access to your personal information or we have breached our privacy obligations or your privacy rights in any way or you would like to discuss any issues about our privacy policy please contact us.

Changes to our Policy

The information above relates to our current privacy standards but may be varied from time to time. Notification of any changes will be made via this page.