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As dedicated, local spearos and freedivers, our commitment extends beyond a mere transaction; it's a shared passion for the depths of the Australian coastline and vibrant marine life that inhabit our waters.

At Spear West, our expertise is not just a claim – it's a reflection of years spent exploring, learning, and immersing ourselves in the art of spearfishing and freediving. Our 'About Us' narrative is a testament to the seamless blend of our profound love for the Australian oceans and the practical wisdom garnered through hands-on experience. The result is a thoughtfully curated selection of top-notch gear, ensuring that every piece we offer has been tested and trusted by those who live and breathe the spearfishing and free diving culture.

More than a store, Spear West is your ally in aquatic exploration. We take pride in providing personalised advice that transcends the ordinary retail experience. Our mission is to empower every customer, from novices to seasoned enthusiasts, to embark on their aquatic adventures well-prepared and with confidence in their equipment.

Dive into the Spear West experience and trust us to be your reliable partner in exploring the depths.
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