Salvimar – Neo Mask


Salvimar Neo Mask is a durable single lens mask with a low internal volume which means your visual field when diving is larger as it won’t be blocked by the sides of the frame. This makes the mask perfect for spearfishing as the diver is able to see more of their environment. This also means the mask is easy to clear and equalise as there is less water to displace. Your vision will be clearer than ever with this mask as the glass is ultra-resistant to scuffs and scratches and has been specifically tempered for better vision.

The mask also features a nose pocket which makes it easy to equalise, making it ideal for freediving and spearfishing. It also has an unmatched seal to the face as it features a soft-touch, anti-reflective silicone skirt with a double-feathered edge and split strap. It also has quick-adjust push-button buckles which mean you will be able to adjust the straps quickly and with ease even whilst wearing the mask.

Salvimar Neo Mask Features:

  • Single Lens Mask
  • Large visual field
  • Nose pocket for easy equalising
  • Adjustable buckle with micro strap adjustment
  • Tempered ultra-resistant glass
  • Anti-reflective interior
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