Rob Allen – Vecta Belt Reel – 60m

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Rob Allen’s Vecta Belt Reel has been designed to give you that chunk of extra reel line for those critical situations where your catch outdoes your gun reel line. The best part about it is it’s durable and reliable nature that’s essentially standard with all Rob Allen products, designed to handle the conditions and fish of the African coast. 

Rob Allen Vecta Belt Reel Features:

  • Constructed from 30% glass-filled nylon and stainless steel, ensures superior strength and zero rust.
  • The stainless steel backing plate and bungee loop allow for quick fitting and removal of the belt reel. You no longer have to take weights off your belt each time – simply slide them apart and clip the backing plate directly to your belt.
  • The backing plate has an integrated handle, enabling you to remove the reel even while spinning to clip it onto a float. The width of the plate gives stability while rewinding the line.
  • The open style spool ensures rapid drying of your line after a dive and better control of line feed when rewinding. The spool, (the same one used on the gun reel), is able to hold 60m of 1.8mm Dyneema or 90m of 1.5mm Dyneema.
  • The stainless steel fairlead ensures that your line runs smoothly and will never wear into the guide. The quick-release loop is easy to find by feel while fighting a fish.
  • The Rob Allen Vecta belt reel is set up for right-handed divers, but can easily be converted for left-handed use. It can be fitted to any make or style of belt, but is an ideal add on, to the Rob Allen Marsellaise weight belt.

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