Rob Allen – Speed Stringer With Needle

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Rob Allen Speed Stringer with Needle

The Rob Allen Speed Stringer with Needle allows fish to be quickly strung onto the float line with no delay in diving.
The Speed Stringer traps the strung fish on a cable leader attached between the Float and Float line.  This Plastic coated stainless cable prevents damage to the stringer in the event of a shark feeding on strung fish.

Use the Rob Allen Speed Stringer with Needle to thread your fish onto your float line. It is one of the fastest and easiest ways for stringing fish. Every gun should have a float line attached to their handle which should be attached to a float. The aim of the speed needle is to minimize the effort after catching a fish.

This is where the Speed needle comes in to play. Once you have the fish in your hands, instead of swimming back to the float to place your catch there, you unclip the speed needle from your gun, thread it through the fish mouth and out through its gills, then clip the speed needle back on, and off you go to catch another.

When you swim off to start looking for your next target, the current will take the fish you just placed on your float line up the line to the float. Its extremely simple yet saves a lot of time.

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