Rob Allen – Sparid Evo Railgun


The all new and improved Sparid Evo is the latest addition to the world-famous Rob Allen Sparid Railgun series. The Sparid has set the bench mark for a reliable gun that performs every dive, with tens of thousands still being used today.


Working directly with Rob Allen we developed a gun that captures all of Rob’s personal favorite gun components to build the next generation of Sparid. 


The camouflage gun barrel along with twin 14mm powerbands supply the optimal amount of power to a 7mm shaft without overpowering the shaft and sacrificing accuracy. The twin 14’s also allows for an easier loading experience and reduces recoil, ultimately improving accuracy. 


The latest generation of Vecta 2 trigger maintains the perfect trigger pull load from the 1st shot through to the 20,000. With minimal to no change. A consistent and crisp trigger reduces the effects of recoil and trigger tension which helps to improve accuracy and consistency. 


The low profile closed muzzle reduces drag and allows tracking of fast-moving species and a clearer line of site for aiming. The muzzle still has a small compact bridge to enable fast reload as per your old favorite closed muzzle but without the bulk. Both bands can be easily removed without tools and stored in a cool dark place between dive sessions to increase the longevity of your powerbands.


The importance of a straight spear can’t be under estimated. The use of 2100MPA Spring steel and Rob Allen’s unique straightening process ensures the toughest, straightest spear out there.  Not only is the process unique but Rob Allen himself hand testes and tunes every single spear produced to ensure it is perfectly straight. When you have that once in a life time fish in front of you, you need to be 100% sure that spear will go where it’s aimed and that requires the straightest spear in the industry.


  • Rob Allen Life time warranty on core components.
  • Vecta 2 handle with the latest gen 9 internals
  • Loading but
  • SS line release
  • Reinforced SS sear
  • Kevlar reinforced trigger
  • Heavy Duty Alloy barrel with integrated rail
  • HD glass filled nylon low profile double rubber closed muzzle
  • Heavy Duty gun bungee with snap clip
  • 2x 14mm RA Black power bands with Dyneema bridles
  • RA 7mm double notch hand tuned spear with reinforced barb
  • Tricut head
  • Sparid Evo Ghost Camo
  • Shark clip with swivel
  • HD 1.8mm 450lb mono shooting line
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30 Day Return Policy