Penetrator – T700x Fin Blades – Manta Ray


The Product – The pinnacle in performance! Penetrator ULTRA LIGHTWEIGHT T700X CARBON FINS are an elite high performance carbon fin. They are softer, lighter, stronger and more responsive to the parabolic curve that happens with correct finning technique. This means that the diver exerts less energy, with reduced fatigue. Divers who have been trialling the fins have found that they are able to catch that dream fish, as they have more energy due to the lightweight nature of these fins. Also great for the freediver who wants to explore new depths.

The Design – The word ‘manta’ is actually Spanish for ‘blanket’ or ‘cloak’, and it’s pretty easy to see the connection in this incredible artwork by talented artist @jessmaemandala. The Manta Rays dance on the fin encapsulating the majestic movements as that play in the crystal waters off many of our island waters.

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