Ocean Hunter – Phantom Mask And Snorkel Set

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Pairing our ever-popular Ocean Hunter Phantom Spearfishing mask with the Phantom Freediving snorkel. This is a perfect set for both recreational freediving and spearfishing at any depth.

The satin camouflage finish eliminates reflection on the skirt and snorkel which reduces the chances of fish noticing you when you’re hiding on the bottom.

The mask features a large tempered glass lens and a low volume soft silicone skirt. The snorkel has an ergonomic shape and comfortable mouthpiece. The snorkel contours to you face and head reducing vibration and drag during the dive.

Important note for all Spearfisherman and Freedivers.

PLEASE ENSURE YOU DO NOT DIVE WITH YOUR SNORKEL IN YOUR MOUTH. Remove the snorkel from your mouth before the dive.


  • Matte black liquid silicone construction
  • Low volume high visibility mask design
  • Quick adjust streamlined buckle system
  • Wide bore J snorkel with optimal mouthpiece angle
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