Ocean Hunter – Ambush Pure Foot Pockets

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The Ocean Hunter Ambush Pure footpockets are an evolution of the well known and loved Ambush footpocket.

As divers become more focussed on performance and move towards higher quality Carbon blades the action of the blade becomes more important.

The Ambush Pure pocket has significantly reduced side Tendon length. By reducing the side tendon length and stiffness these new footpockets allow the carbon blade to work at its most efficient. These pockets smooth out your kick cycle ensuring quieter more efficient dives.

Available in all the popular footpocket sizes all the way down to size 2-3.


  • More natural finning technique
  • Increased blade working length
  • More efficient kicking technique
  • Reduced load on knees
  • Available in a wide range of sizes
  • Thermo rubber material
  • Angle blade footpocket
  • Fits most high performance composite or carbon blades
  • Fin Blades not included
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