Mannysub – Bulk Rubber Red Progressive Microbore – 16mm – Per 10cm


The new  small ID reactive rubbers is an excellent performing rubber for rollers or conventional spearguns,  available in 5  sizes to choose from.

These new small ID rubbers provide an impressive amount of power for their given size, allowing for greater shaft speed and momentum.

Thanks to the  small ID (internal diameter) hole of only 1mm leaves  a larger inner diameter of rubber. This means more rubber working for the given diameter resulting in more power from a smaller diameter rubber and  slightly less recoil for the power produced.

The new mannysub small Id reactive rubbers are very snappy, yet still elastic to load and smooth, capable of been stretched to 400% without collapsing.

These rubbers are suitable for roller spearguns as well as normal spearguns too especially when using twin and triple 14mm or  15mm on conventional spearguns.

Longer lasting and better energy retension then other rubbers.

Despite the small id hole, dyneema inserts can still be easily inserted without great difficulty.

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