Icey Tek – Split Lid – Ice Box Cooler – 260L


Our original large mackerel box. If you have to curl of fish up to fit in this thing you’re doing well. And you should be happy. These are popular with fishermen in the northern half of Australia who target a lot of mackerel and may need to fit several fish in their box. All who expect large catches on extended trips. These are also popular for catering and functions where you are serving drinks at a pop-up beer on ice. The longer format allows more than one person to access drinks inside as is popular behind bars.

This large and long icebox with the difference is this box has a split in them. Where one half can be opened only or both halves together. Also, very popular commercial and recreational fishermen who catch a lot of longer fish so you can only open one half and slide your fishing without letting all the cold air out all you can store things on the half which does not open and still access the contents inside. The downside of this is that only one half can be opened without the other. The other side of it underneath the split so as both halves have to be opened in this way.

The wall thickness ranges from 80mm thick in the lid where it needs the most insulation. To 40mm to 45mm thick in the base and sides. This gives our coolers great thermal insulation without being overly heavy.

External Dimensions

Length – 1550mm

Height – 560mm

Width –  580mm

Internal Dimensions

Length – 1375mm

Height – 440mm

Width –  435mm

Weight – 32kg

Lid height when open – 1140 mm

Lid Lip – 38mm

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