Cressi – Tough Socks – 3mm

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Neoprene Socks for Spearfishing and Snorkelling

The Cressi Tough Soft Socks 3mm is a single-lined, high stretch neoprene dive sock with a new You can use them both with closed foot pocket fins for added insulation and avoiding chafing of your skin from the rubber foot pockets of your fins where sand and salt particles rub against your foot.

Can be worn with open-heel freediving, spearfishing and snorkeling fins as well as firm-soled boots. the neoprene socks help to keep your feet extra warm, make booties and foot pockets fit more snugly with some added cushioning. The sock inner is lined in Metal lite so they are easy to put on.

Wearing the Cressi Tough Soft Socks will also help you to slip easily into your wetsuits, booties and fins with ease.

Many scuba divers will also wear these fin sock inside of their dive boots to extra warmth. Whether you are jet skiing, kayaking, snorkeling or fishing off the rocks, these socks will be perfect for warmth, grip and general safety.

Tough Soft Socks 3mm Features:

  • New Tough Sole is Super strong double-lined tough tex neoprene
  • Extremely long-lasting effective non-slip sole
  • Socks 3 mm elastic and hydrodynamic lining.
  • Comfort  socks designed to be worn inside of closed heel fins to prevent blisters
  • Microporous inner lining with Blacklite coating for greater thermal protection and waterproofing without the need to use soapy water to wear them.
  • Nylon inner sole to prevent the foot from slipping inside when walking.
  • Model designed according to the position of the foot during movement to avoid creases and tensions in the area of the instep.
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