Cressi – Tecnica OC Wetsuit – 5mm – 2pc

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The Cressi Tecnica  2-piece spearfishing suit is manufactured with super flexible, incredibly comfortable, super soft open cell neoprene. Flexible enough for full, unrestricted free motion to the wearer due to the anatomical design cut.

The computer printed camouflage pattern ensures your invisibility to unsuspecting prey with its mimetic coloring and maintains a high degree of softness in the material. Mimetic coloring makes it difficult for your prey to see a solid image, meaning you seamlessly blend into the background.

The Tracina includes overalls and a jacket with built-in hood. As an added durability feature the knee and shin area of the overalls and the elbows of the jacket are reinforced. Additionally, the jacket offers extensive back support to lessen the load imposed by the speargun.

Built in knife pocket


Open Cell wetsuits are prone to tearing if proper lubrication is not used when donning on the suit. The recommended lubrication to use is a water based personal lubricant or a specialised wetsuit lubricant. Shampoos & conditioners will shorten the life of your suit if used. Failing to properly lubricate your wetsuit will result in the failure and damage of your suit, any damage or internal tears are not covered under warranty.

When washing the suit, no form of detergent or soap should be used as this will breakdown, stretch, and shorten lifespan of your suit which is not covered under warranty.

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