Cressi – Spider Pro Gloves – 2mm

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Cressi’s Spider Pro Gloves¬†are designed to be super durable to handle anything you can throw at them in any diving application. One of the most notable features of these gloves is the PowerTex lined palms and fingers, a material offering a similar level of protection to Kevlar. But the upside here is that PowerTex maintains flexibility so you can still handle those finer tasks. This will protect your hands from any abrasive or sharp surfaces while you’re diving without costing you comfort.

To further the durability of the gloves, the seams have all been reinforced with liquid seam sealing. Not only will this improve durability by preventing any further tearing if you do cut a stitch or cut the fingertips off for technical diving applications, it will also provide improved thermal retention. With the same patterning and naturally conforming cut used in the original Spider Glove, you’ll be pleased with the durability and comfortable fit of the Spider Pro Gloves.

Cressi Spider Pro Glove Features:

  • Designed to perform in Australia’s harsh conditions
  • PowerTex lined palms and fingers
  • Protects hands and ensures the durability of the gloves
  • Same protection as kevlar but maintains flexibility
  • Reinforced seams with liquid seam sealing
  • Improves the durability of the glove
  • Ensures water sealing for thermal retention
  • Glove holds integrity even after being damaged
  • It uses the same construction shape and patterns as the original Spider Glove
  • Naturally one of the best-fitting gloves
  • Comfortable and flexible
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