Cressi – Hunter Lycra Hooded Top

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Product Description

The Cressi Hunter Lycra Rash Guard with Hooded Top has quality construction using a blend of Spandex/Spandex/Nylon with all seams flat-lock stitched for added comfort and strength. It’s perfectly designed for spearos venturing out in tropical waters where a neoprene spearfishing wettie isn’t needed. It also offers 50+ UV protection and stops any nasty stingers.

The suit has the loose fit design so you can even pull this guard over your traditional black wetsuit to take advantage of its mimetic properties in colder waters.

A reinforced chest pad is perfect for loading your gun with a little extra padding. Thumb loops keep the sleeves from riding up the arms during the dive ensuring continuous protection. The attached hood is also great for added protection against UV and stingers.

Cressi Hunter Lycra Rash Guard Hooded Top Features

  • Mimetic Colouring Rash Guard
  • Designed for Spearfishing
  • Attached Hood for Extra Warmth and Protection
  • Pattern: Virtually Invisible to Unsuspecting Prey
  • Reinforced Chest Pad for Speargun Loading
  • Loose-Fit Design
  • Wear as Rash Guard or Over Wetsuit in Colder Water
  • Great for Warmer Waters
  • 50+ UV Protection Rating
  • Seams: Flat-Lock Stitched
  • Thumb Loops Prevent Sleeves from Riding Up, Useful Under Wetsuit for Thermal Layering
  • Multiple Sizes

Cressi Hunter Men’s Size Chart

Available in sizes 1 to 7.

Size Weight Height Chest Waist Hip
Cressi/Int kg cm cm cm cm
1/XS 50-58 156-165 70-75 59-65 72-77
2/S 58-65 168-175 87-92 71-74 80-85
3/M 63-78 170-178 92-98 74-78 80-85
4/L 75-85 175-183 98-103 78-83 88-93
5/XL 83-95 177-186 103-107 83-87 95-98
6/XXL 88-100 179-192 107-110 87-93 98-103
7/XXXL 95-110 181-196 110-114 93-97 102-107
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