Cressi – Atom Mask


The Cressi Atom Mask is a cutting-edge mask crafted for dedicated freedivers. Its frameless design minimizes material use and features an ultra-low volume, making it a trailblazer in its class. Replacing the typical external plastic frame with a semi-rigid core, the Cressi Atom significantly reduces internal volume. This innovative approach eliminates the hard plastic around the frame and between the lenses, opting instead for a reinforced co-stamped silicone piece that provides the perfect balance of rigidity and flexibility. This design brings the lenses closer to your face, enhancing your field of view—a crucial advantage for spearfishers.

A unique aspect of the Cressi Atom Mask is its ergonomic nose pocket. With two small cavities carved by the nostrils, the nose pocket simplifies equalization and ensures exceptional stability during dives. This feature, combined with the low-volume design, makes equalizing effortless and maximizes performance for expert freedivers and spearfishers.

Key Features:

  • Ultra Low-Volume: Reduces the amount of air needed to equalize, ensuring a snug fit and minimizing drag in the water.
  • Frameless Design: The semi-rigid core substitutes the traditional external plastic frame, significantly reducing internal volume.
  • Co-Molded Construction: A stiff core co-molded with the lenses provides flexibility and reduces brow pressure, bringing the lenses closer to your face for an improved field of vision.
  • Ergonomic Nose Pocket: Features two external channels for easy equalization and increased stability during dives.
  • Easy-Adjust Buckles: Allow for quick, precise strap adjustments, ensuring a secure and comfortable seal every time you dive.

Designed with thought and care, the Cressi Atom Mask offers unparalleled performance and comfort for serious freedivers and spearfishers

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