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Mares - X-Tream Freediving Mask

Especially designed with the freediver and spearfisher in mind, the Mares X-Tream Mask features an ultra low volume, ultra light, minimalist goggle design. This is the ultimate mask for those who are looking for a minimal mask that provides exceptional vision. 

In order to reduce drag in the water, this unique mask was created with a reduced hydrodynamic profile. The distance between the lens and the eyes have also been reduced providing a wider field of view. 


• Overmolded frame and anatomic facepiece
• Minimum distance between lenses and eyes
• Minimum internal volume
• Further expanded field of vision
• Very lightweight
• Anti-reflective properties
• Hydrodynamic profile for reducing water resistance
• Goggle strap with new ergonomic buckles for better hydrodynamics
• Strap of the mask with new snorkel holder
• Relief area on the nose attaching perfectly to the nose clip