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Icey Tek - Standard Ice Box Cooler - 185L

The 185 L is very popular for offshore fisherman who targets mostly target reef species and may get the odd pelagic. These boxes are quite tall and deep and are ideal for a large capacity yet, smaller footprint in you boat or vehicle. Perfect for your favorite reef fish such as snapper coral trout, red emperor, small and mid-sized Jew fish, pearl perch and whatever else you may drag out of the deep.

Each 185L ice box is fitted with 4 Heavy Duty Injection Moulded Hinges, which stop just past 90 degrees. These are strong and prevent having rope inside the box to stop the lids from flipping back.

The wall thickness ranges from 80mm thick in the lid where it needs the most insulation. To 40mm to 45mm thick in the base and sides. This gives our coolers great thermal insulation without being overly heavy.

 External Dimensions

Length - 970mm

Height - 610mm

Width - 635mm

Internal Dimensions

Length - 800mm

Height - 485mm

Width - 490mm

 Weight - 22kg

Lid height when open - 1245 mm

Lid Lip - 38mm

Width - 370mm

 Weight - 13kg

Lid height when open - 1020mm

Lid Lip - 

*Item is unable to be shipped, pickup only*