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Penetrator Fin Blades - Composite - Octopoda - White Rails

The Penetrator Composite range ensures a tough high performing fin.

  • 72 cm working blade length
  • Lightweight but suitable for more arduous work than carbon fiber blades
  • Full length channeling rails that deliver improved efficiency by reducing water spill
  • Translucent material


One of the most amazing things with a human being is the ability to connect to nature and other beings. Octopus have been one of these creatures that humans love to interact with, perhaps because we are so alike. Like us, octopus are all different individuals have different temperaments. Some are shy, some are bold and some are inquisitive.

Blade dimensions:

Working blade length: 72cm

Insert length: 14cm

Blade width: 19cm

Angle to foot pocket: 25 degrees