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Thinking of pursuing your spearfishing hobby? Aiming to achieve diving goals and furthering your experiences with spearfishing activities? Are you seeking reliable and durable diving gear or spearfishing apparatus? If you answered yes to these questions, then seek no further and contact Spear West, the leading spearfishing shop Perth that is devoted to customer satisfaction. We sell only the best spearfishing gear from our spearfishing shop in Western Australia. Our long-term experience is gives us the good name in the local diving and spearfishing industries.


We continuously updating our range by both developing and acquiring contemporary spearfishing gear, reliable fins and spearguns in our shop. With diving apparatus and spearfishing gear becoming more popular, we constantly adapt our product range to embrace the latest trands in products and technology. Our team is highly qualified and accredited in the Speargun and spearfishing industries and can provide our clients with well-founded knowledge. Based on our professionality and expertise we have been able to build our reputation.

Spearfishing is an up-and-coming sport with more and more participants. Spear West have advanced the industry by acquiring leading spearfishing gear, such as carbon fins, penetrator fins and state of the art spearguns, in order to provide clients with reliable and robust spearfishing gear. You can find all our products on our online spearfishing shop.


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Buy from someone who also freedives and spearfishes, knows and uses the spearfishing gear they sell.

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