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Indulge in industry leading spearfishing gear Australia, that portrays an elevated level of perfection and spearfishing excellence. Our devoted team of spearfishing gear specialists are geared with knowledge and understanding of all our products and can provide comprehensive guidance for your spearfishing gear needs. From carbon fins, composite fins all the way to Aimrite Spearguns and spearfishing gear; we are the utmost sophisticated online spearfishing store that will tailor your needs and suit your requirements. Advance your diving and spearfishing skills with the finest spearfishing gear that will boost your performance and enhance your experience. Spearfishing has blown up as a leading sport and many individuals are excelling their skill sets to become more effective. This is where Spear West comes into play and provides all our clientele with immaculate spearfishing gear to suit!


  • Impressive Spearfishing gear Australia designs and innovative technologies.
  • High level of perfection with all products and gear.
  • Great client service and assistance with all spearfishing gear.
  • Spearguns designed for shallow and deep-water spearfishing activities.
  • Aimrite and Rabitech Spearguns, industry leading manufacturers.
  • Fantastic client services and satisfaction with all products available.
  • Spearfishing gear Australia, diving gear and fins for all types of use.
  • Equitable pricing and tailored solutions to suit your wallet and budget.
  • Long lasting and guaranteed products from high-tier Spearfishing gear Australia brands.
  • Overall excellence and efficiency with distribution.

By distributing and acquiring gear all year round, we show why we mean business. Transparency with clients, durable and long-lasting products as well as overall impeccably designed spearfishing gear for you to appreciate. If you are seeking reliable spearfishing gear Australia, seek no further. Contact the industry leaders, today. Only at Spear West!


The Australian store with the biggest range of high quality specialty spearfishing and free diving gear!
Buy from someone who also freedives and spearfishes, knows and uses the spearfishing gear they sell.

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