Rabitech Spearguns

Robust Rabitech Spearguns

Internal tracking systems, impeccable materials and overall pinpoint accuracy, power and efficiency are just a small taste of all the advantages that our Rabitech Spearguns portray. Barrel sizes and thickness measurements are vital in the overall functionality of our Spearguns. With care and meticulous storing procedures, we ensure that all our Rabitech spearguns are fully functional and have the utmost sophisticated fluidity. This will ensure your effectiveness when undergoing spearfishing activities and diving hobbies. Spear West is Australia’s biggest spearfishing store. your one stop shop for Rabitech Spearguns, freediving fins, spearfishing wetsuits, and many more comprehensive products.

We welcome clients to come and test, get a feel and trial our plethora of spearguns. We manufacture and acquire industry leading rabitech spearguns, as they are the utmost professional and beneficial spearguns in the present market. Spear West is your number one choice when it comes to spearguns in Australia and we have certainly shown that our products are well respected. Our team of experts are highly qualified and accredited in the Speargun and spearfishing industries and provide our clients with immense amounts of knowledge. That’s why we are so professional and our expertise has built our reputation. Spear West; the finest spearfishing Perth shop available.

If you are seeking to purchase a diverse and reliable speargun that wont break the wallet. Seek no further and contemplate no longer! Spear West is here and is distributing state of the art spearguns for all types of spearfishing activities that you might endeavour on. With a high degree of client integrity, we ensure that all spearguns are accurately manufactured and are handled with care and precision. For further information on our spearguns and popular brands, such as Aimrite and Rabitech feel free to contact us directly, or browse our online marketplace.


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