Rubber Weight Belt

Rubber Weight Belt

Ocean Hunter

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The Ocean Hunter Marseillaise Rubber Weight Belt is the safest of all of the free diving belts. It comes complete with a long lasting, rust proof stainless steel metal buckle.

The great advantage of using a rubber belt is that it is designed to stop the all too common problem of your weight shifting which occurs on descent because of your wetsuit compressing. The Ocean Hunter Marseille Weight Belt has a super soft and sticky 50mm wide belt with a reliable stainless buckle which makes this belt a top choice for many professional freedivers and spearos.

In addition the sticky rubber and elasticity of this belt makes it self compensating for depth whilst stopping weight slipping or movement when worn over your suit. The large stainless steel buckle is easy to operate and quick to ditch in any emergency.

One of the greatest advantages of the Ocean Hunter Marseille Weight Belt is that it provides all of the same features of the more expensive belts but at a more affordable price for the spearo looking to save some money.