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Rob Allen - Slippy Lube

Rob Allen Slippy is the latest in open cell wetsuit lubrication technology that offers incredible performance in use whilst being irritation free and harmless to the natural environment in that it is made from food grade ingredients. Unlike other wetsuit lubricant on the market that add or remove oils from the skin, Slippy is non irritable and does not sustain microbial growth.

Its 150gram powder concentrate format makes a massive 16 litres of lubrication when mixed. Quick and easy to prepare and simple to wash off your skin and suit post diving, Slippy is quickly becoming the industries “best lubricant” available. Rob Allen Slippy lube is a must try product for all Spearo’s and Freedivers using open cell wetsuits.


  • Made from pharma and food grade ingredients EU Origin
  • Does not sustain microbial growth
  • Quick and easy to prepare and easy to wash off your skin and suit
  • Benign taste and smell and it does not irritate eyes or skin
  • Reduces chaffing on long dives
  • 150g bottle makes more than 16 litres of wetsuit lubricant
  • Does not add or remove skin oils like other wetsuit lubricants
  • Reduces bacterial skin infections due to physical properties
  • Custom mix to your preference and it's repeatable