Scorfano Wetsuit - 3.5mm

Scorfano Wetsuit - 3.5mm


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Cressi’s Scorfano 2-piece 3.5mm spearfishing wetsuit has been pre-shaped at the arms and legs for a better and more comfortable fit, made from open cell neoprene giving this wetsuit a flexible and soft feeling.

The suit uses a “Liquid Ultraseal System”, which uses a coating of polymer over the seams. This feature increases insulation and protection against wear. Seals have also been included in the hood, at the wrists and the waist to conserve warmth.

Reinforcements are included at the knee, shin and elbow and additional Powertex padding at the chest for easy loading.


  • 3.5mm Open Cell Neoprene
  • Tape reinforced seams - most durable and dry.
  • 2 Piece - dual clip beaver tail.
  • Powertex Loading Pad
  • Reinforced Knees and Shins.