Chameleon Railgun


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Salvimar Chameleon Rail Gun is ideal for entry or intermediate level spearo’s as it is robust and reliable and allows you to hunt for fish of many different sizes and species. It features a strong, one-piece barrel made from aeronautical aluminium alloy for outstanding mechanical performance. It also has an integrated continuous molded rail to give the shaft excellent accuracy when shot. To elevate the longevity of the gun and to provide additional strength, the barrel has a special black anodised finish.

The Chameleon is supplied with a Salvimar 7mm shaft with two loading notches and 70mm flopper that is heavy duty and powered via the 16mm circular sling rubber with a Dyneema Wishbone and Brass Beads. The gun also features an easy-to-use stainless steel reverse style trigger mechanism for 10cm of extra length on barrel size. The ergonomic, rubberised handle is another great feature of the Chameleon – it fits in your hand comfortably and has been specifically designed to ensure a lowered position of the butt to maintain a clear line of sight down the barrel.


  • Deliberately manufactured to suit entry and intermediate level spearos
  • Aeronautical aluminium alloy barrel
  • Integrated continuous molded rail
  • Stainless steel reverse style mechanism
  • Easy and smooth trigger pulling power, ideal for beginners
  • Comfortable rubberised ergonomic handle with safety lock that ensures a lower position of the butt for a clear line of sight
  • Stainless steel dynamic line release which can be positioned on the right or left side
  • Open muzzle
  • 7mm shaft with twin loading notches and a 70mm flopper
  • 16mm circular power band
  • Dyneema wishbone bridle with brass beads