Reefline Roller Head Ceramic Bearings 26.5mm


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Reefline Roller Muzzle Ceramic Bearing Kit: A Roller head conversion can significantly improve the performance of a conventional single or double rubber spear gun in both range and accuracy by providing a longer acceleration time with less recoil and shaft drag.

The high-quality Reefline roller head is designed to meet the needs of the most experienced spearfisherman, offering a level of design features and quality components only found in the best heads on the market. With a 26.5mm barrel diameter, this version is specifically designed to fit with a Rob Allen barrel and rail height.

Ceramic Roller Bearings:

A key performance component of a roller head is the bearings used in the roller wheels, budget heads use Teflon bushes or Glass bearings. All Reefline Roller heads come with Ceramic Roller Bearings that offer not only superior performance over the fore mentioned systems but longer life in the harsh saltwater environment. The freewheeling of the Ceramic roller bearing system will give any gun fitted with this head a competitive advantage in range and shaft speed as will the large durable roller wheels.


Rail and line guides:

The Reefline roller body and rails are manufactured from an extremely durable Delrin material which offers several benefits. The first is the smooth rail design that reduces wear and tear on the load bridle that is regularly seen with steel rails. Another benefit is the ability to mould a deep line guide system through the centre of the head, allowing for effortless line wrapping and minimising entanglement.


Muzzle Anchor:

All Reefline roller heads come fitted with a sturdy stainless-steel D-Shackle for mounting your gun bungee, securing your second wrap or being used as a line guide for your reel


Rubber / Line Anchor:

Included with every Reefline Roller Muzzle kit is the Line Anchor kit consisting of 2 high-quality stainless-Steel mushroom lugs with 2 SS 8-gauge screws. These can be used to secure the rear loops of the band, either on the side or on the underside of the barrel depending on your preferred configuration. Many other kits do not include these critical parts


Reefline Roller Head Features:

  • Double Ceramic Roller Bearings
  • Large Wheels – suits 12mm to 19mm rubber
  • Includes Line Anchor Kit
  • 5mm to Suit Rob Allen Barrel
  • Delrin Construction
  • Stainless Steel Cross Brace for Rollers



  • Improved performance
  • Improved range
  • Improved accuracy
  • Reduction in recoil