Stainless steel anchor with threaded bolt and lugs on each end

Roller Gun Rubber Anchor

Rob Allen

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Rob Allen's Roller Gun Rubber Anchor is made from durable thick stainless steel and is manufactured by Rob Allen, so you can rely on its durability. This spare part is intended to provide a secure mounting anchor for a Rob Allen roller gun, and can even be used to convert your speargun to a roller. Suitable for use with all stock Rob Allen spearguns using either Vecta or Vecta 2 handles. The anchor replaces the screws that hold the handle into the barrel of the gun for a sturdier anchor point when using a high powered roller setup.

Rob Allen Roller Gun Rubber Anchor Features:

  • 1 x SS screw, 2 x SS lugs (1 anchor)
  • Stainless steel construction for durability
  • Designed to withstand the pressure of a roller gun setup
  • Can be used to convert your speargun to a roller gun
  • Manufactured by Rob Allen