Rob Allen Drop Barb 7.5mm Shaft

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The Rob Allen Drop Barb Shaft is 7.5mm in thickness and suits all Rob Allen spearguns as well as majority of other universal guns. It is made from a carbon alloy spring steel making it extremely strong yet still flexible. The 7.5mm shaft will easily penetrate any large bodied fish from a long range, on the right gun of course. By this we mean, the gun will need to be the correct length with the correct rubbers to give the spear that power. The tri-cut tip ensures that it is super sharp and will puncture through the fish with ease. The double notch allows you to pull back 2 rubbers on to their own notch, giving you even more power if needed for the larger fish.

 The drop barb feature on this shaft allows the fish to be shot and held on via the drop barb. The barb sits on the top of the shaft and is connected by a loop of dyneema. When the fish is shot and the shaft penetrates through, the barb will separate from the shaft preventing the fish from being able to slip off. The fish will then be on the dyneema cord that is between the barb and shaft. Both barb and dyneema line are rated to 200kg. 

Every spear length is designed for each gun length. Some divers will prefer more overhang or sometimes less, however there is a standard size

1.4m Spear = 100m Gun

1.5m Spear = 110m Gun

1.6m Spear = 120m Gun

1.7m Spear = 130m Gun

 * This sizing is from Rob Allen, it is applies to Rob Allen Guns, however majority of other spearguns will use the same sizing*