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Spear West - Rigging Kit

Going on a trip? Ever broken your shooting line and had to re-rig your gun using line off your reel? Not anymore

This rigging kit perfect to keep in the boat or for trips includes the following;

- 3m of constrictor cord to tie rubber ends

- 3m of 1.8mm Aussie Reel dyneema

- 4 cable ties 

- Spearwest crimping pliers

- Muzzle bungee with pigtail swivel clip x 2

- 5m of 300lb monofilament

- Double dyneema bridle x 2

- Single dyneema bridle x 5

- Snap clip with swivel

- 300lb crimps x 8

- 400lb crimps x 8

- Wishbone bridle insertion T-tool

- Double dyneema bridle beads x 6

- Single dyneema bridle beads x 6

- Sharkclip with swivel