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Mares - Soft Goodman Handle

The Mares EOS Soft Goodman Handle is a soft and flexible hand mount that you can fit most torches to, so you can use them hands-free. The strap provides an additional D-Ring to secure the torch. Adjustable tabs around your hands and the dive light create a secure grip on both so you can use your torch and still use your hands if you need to. Attaching to the wrist, this handle keeps your torch secure to the back of your hand and ready for use whenever you need it. The handle is able to be worn and adjusted even with thick gloves and leaves both of your hands-free to be used instead of being taken up by carrying a torch. This handle is a great choice for any diver looking to make their life using torches in the water easier and more effective. Works even with thick gloves! Fits any diving torches!