Leader Handle - B32


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The Meandros Leader handle features a low profile, ergonomic grip and a wide loading butt. Resulting in supreme comfort, intuitive aiming and smooth tracking. The Leader mechanism is completely constructed of full inox, heavy duty stainless steel. No plastic parts. No corrosion. No compromises. Being a reverse mechanism, this grants an extra 9.5cm of loading length, resulting in a gun that punches well above its weight. These are the smoothest mechanisms we have ever seen, able to release a fully loaded shaft with minimum resistance and minimum trigger actuation force, resulting in a pure shot, allowing you to focus fully on what you're aiming at.


  • High-strength glass nylon construction
  • Ergonomic right hand grip
  • Inverted stainless steel mechanism
  • Ambidextrous line release
  • Male spigot to fit inner tube diameter of 29mm