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Salvimar - Fly Mask

Salvimar's Fly Mask aims for a perfect harmony between mask volume and field of vision. The minimal internal volume reduces the amount of air you use equalising your mask, leaving more energy for improving your depth and bottom time. The unique lens shapes are intended to give you a wide field of view so you have a complete image of your environment. 

The one-piece design is moulded to give a firm seal against the face, using a combination of three materials. Adjusting the fit is made easy with the micro-adjustable buckles. The combination of materials not only makes the mask comfortable thanks to the comfortable silicon density used, but gives it an anti-reflective finish that means you're less visible to potential prey in the water.


  • Low-Volume: Minimal mask design for easy pressure equalisation
  • Combined Materials:  A 3 material combination provides you with comfort, seal and concealment.
  • Wide Field of View
  • Anti-Reflective Silicone: Used on the inside and outside of the mask to improve your stealth.
  • Adjustable buckles with micro-adjustability