Double Roller Power Head Kit (Standard)


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The Mannysub Double Roller Muzzle and Adaptor Package is the perfect modification for your speargun to add extra power when landing those shots! The new inline design by Mannysub is slim profile, lightweight, functional, well-constructed but most importantly, ACCURATE!

The innovative inline design allows the rubbers to hug the barrel tightly in a circular way for a low-profile fit. This reduces drag and bulk significantly compared to other roller designs!

With several sizing options for the adapter, this allows you to choose a size that is best suited to the internal diameter of your speargun barrel. Acetal adapter with O rings for the Mannysub single and double roller powerhead, designed to fit a lot of different speargun barrels in the market. If you choose to cut the barrel down to fit the Double Roller Muzzle, you don’t need to replug the barrel as these adapters with two O rings will seal the barrel for you.

The bearings are lightweight and have low friction allowing for maximum power transfer. They're made from acetal, with encapsulated glass balls to stop sand and salt-water damage, these bearings a pretty much maintenance-free.

Mannysub Double Roller Muzzle and Adaptor Package Features:

  • Roller muzzle
  • Adapter to fit any size of speargun
  • Inline design
  • Glass ball bearings to prevent sand & salt-water damage


Common setups with the Double Roller Muzzle:

With 2x14mm rubbers it will launch an 8mm shaft at exceptionally high velocity. With 2x15mm small ID or 2 x16mm progressive rubbers, it will drive an 8.5mm shaft at very high speed on spearguns ranging from 100 to 140 cm. A 7.5mm spear shaft can also be used with reduced pretension on 14mm rubbers.