Fin Blades - Composite Fibre Fins (ZENTANGLE OCTOPUS)

Fin Blades - Composite Fibre Fins (ZENTANGLE OCTOPUS)

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Penetrator blades are manufactured using a proprietary Capillary Closed Moulding System (CCMS). This system is a culmination of 25 years’ composites manufacturing experience applied to fin blade development over the past 8 years by Penetrator Fins founder Larry Gray.

The process eliminates the requirement for secondary processing materials used by other manufacturers producing an outstanding surface finish on both sides of the blade and reduces waste. These 2 outcomes alone produce a blade with a smoother flex curve and reduces the environmental footprint of the manufacturing process.

All metal production tooling has been produced in-house utilising Penetrator Fins CAD design and CNC manufacturing capabilities. Mould temperatures are digitally controlled through the process to ensure the specially formulated resin system reaches its ultimate mechanical properties. Only certified carbon and glass fibres issued with a certificate of conformity (usually reserved for aerospace applications) are used. Full process control over these parameters ensures engineering performance measures are consistently achieved.

Once molding is complete fin blade profiles are CNC machined to an accuracy of .01mm. Penetrator Fin’s proprietary rubber water rail is then added with cyanoacrylate adhesive in purposed built pneumatic clamping jigs.

Octopus ( or cephalopods) are highly intelligent animals, masters of camouflage that have evolved an array of tricks over tens of millions of years to avoid or thwart would-be attackers. Octopi can match the colors and even textures of their surroundings, allowing them to hide in plain sight. They are a universally loved curious sea creature that will often come out to play with divers in the water. Jess has encapsulated the spirit of the playful Octopus in her design. The background on Carbon fins will be transparent, you will be able to see the carbon weave. The background on composite fins will be sea green-blue. 

 Penetrator Composite blades are manufactured from Glass Fibre and Epoxy resin; using the same advanced vacuum moulding process and high temperature digitally controlled and monitored cure cycle as our Carbon Fibre range. CNC cut to ensure the most accurate profiles possible. They offer a progressive flex along the blade for efficiency and are super durable! These are the ideal fin for all round shore based and boat freediving and spearfishing.