Composite Fibre Fins 620 (Oceanic Mandala) - Extra Soft


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A beautiful ocean themed mandala. Filled with precious shells and hidden ocean waves telling an ocean love story at each glance of the hypnotising print carefully designed by @jessmaemandala.

Now come in a compact version to suit smaller framed divers. The 620 range features a 62cm working length blade. The blades are 19cm wide. The shorter blade promotes a more efficient fining style in divers with shorter leg length reducing excessive knee bend that can be caused by longer blades.

Penetrator Composite blades are manufactured from Glass Fibre and Epoxy resin; using the same advanced vacuum moulding process and high temperature digitally controlled and monitored cure cycle as our Carbon Fibre range. CNC cut to ensure the most accurate profiles possible. They offer a progressive flex along the blade for efficiency and are super durable! These are the ideal fin for all round shore based and boat freediving and spearfishing.


All our composite blades carry a limited 3 year warranty against blade breakage!