Carbon Fibre Speargun barrel

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If you are looking for a solid and unique coloured carbon fibre barrel that looks apart from anything else, these are it.

Available in eight different colours to choose from,  there is one to suit everyone’s taste.

Mannysub carbon barrels are extremely stiff, light, foam filled and very nicely finished.

These carbon  barrels are a great option if you like to upgrade your existing aluminium barrel with something lighter and more rigid.

The internal diameter is 26mm OD. Handles and muzzles around 26.5mm OD can easily be reduced with some course sand paper. Smaller handles and muzzles around the 25.5 mm can easily packed with a nylon sleeve for a tight fit.

Available from 60 to 130 cm  (models up to 120 cm come with a moulded carbon fibre track, 125 & 130 cm models come with a stick on low profile black nylon track)

Available in these custom colours:

Gold (The Golden Gun)
Silver (Platinum Edition)
Red (The Bloody Gun)
Blue (True Blue)
Metallic Blue (Black carbon fibre with intertwined blue metallic filaments)
Metallic Red (Black carbon fibre with intertwined red metallic filaments)
Metallic Gold (Black carbon fibre with intertwined Gold metallic filaments)
Standard colour: Black carbon fibre – Gloss finish
Standard colour: Black carbon fibre – Matte finish