Bungee - Red Pigtail

Bungee - Red Pigtail


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At last, a speargun muzzle bungee made from 100% pure silicone (10mm OD x 5mm ID) designed to keep the shooting line tensioned for years without breaking down.

This represents a big improvement compared with the traditional latex bungees, which are renowned for breaking and going sticky after just a few months.

The new Mannysub silicone muzzle bungees will last several times longer than latex bungees, making your speargun more reliable with less maintenance, while saving you money at the same time.

Once you try a silicone bungee you will never go back to latex bungees again.

Available in blue silicone with a snap and pigtail swivel or red silicone with a pigtail swivel, both fitted with 450 kg / 990 lb dyneema line inner core .