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Meandros are the architects of what are known as the finest spearguns and mechanisms available today. Based out of Sofia, Bulgaria - bordered by the Aegean Sea - their products are built for the finesse of Mediterranean diving. Consequently, the Aussie diver looking for high precision equipment, has adopted Meandros as their principal. Spearguns and parts were initially brought in by Spear West to make a limited number of high range guns for some of our most experienced staff and customers, who were seeking the best possible implements to land the amazing fish that they regularly chase. Since then, the feedback has been phenomenal, so now Spear West are offering these superior products to you!

The Meandros B32 comes rigged with a hardened inox shaft, double 15.5mm orange Meandros Gomma rubber, bungee and dyneema shooting line.

The B32 Camo is an open muzzle rail gun, featuring;

  • Leader B-32 handle with anatomic grip
  • Inverted 'Leader' Inox mechanism
  • Aeronautical aluminium alloy barrel
  • Vertically reinforced barrel sides
  • Trapezoidal rail
  • Variable wall thickness ~ 1.5mm - 2mm
  • Open muzzle
  • Double 15.5mm orange Gomma rubber
  • 7mm Inox fin shaft

The speciality of a Meandros gun is where the rubber meets the road; The handle and mechanism.

The Leader handle features a low profile, ergonomic grip and a wide loading butt. Resulting in supreme comfort, intuitive aiming and smooth tracking. The Leader mechanism is completely constructed of full inox, heavy duty stainless steel. No plastic parts. No corrosion. No compromises. Being a reverse mechanism, this grants an extra 9.5cm of loading length, resulting in a gun that punches well above its weight. These are the smoothest mechanisms we have ever seen, able to release a fully loaded shaft with minimum resistance and minimum trigger actuation force, resulting in a pure shot, allowing you to focus fully on what you're aiming at.


The aeronautical alloy, vertically reinforced sides and variable wall thickness, creates a barrel that is light, and therefore, highly buoyant. Allowing for incredible balance when rigged with larger shafts and reels, all while maintaining structural integrity when under load.

*Speargun comes fully rigged, product photos are without shaft and rubbers