5mm Reef Commando Flex Wetsuit


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One of Wetties'  latest designs in their open cell wetsuits. Flexible with high super-stretch nylon exterior with Wetties' own unique designed Commando camo designed to break up your pattern underwater. This combined with Japanese Yamamoto 39 Neoprene with nylon lined inner so does not require soaping up.


  • Power Tex knee pads providing good durability and flex
  • Enlarged loading pad with lip to secure speargun loading on chest for comfort and safety
  • Curved fitting smoothskin face seal to ensure a good comfortable seal around face
  • Dual Beaver tail clips for comfort.
  • Sophisticated Unique designed cut to ensure a great fit on a wide variety of body shapes and sizes.
  • Lycra Binding on wrists and ankles to ensure comfort and durability
  • Built in knife pouch on right thigh