Superfrog Edge – Single Band Speargun

Superfrog Edge – Single Band Speargun


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Edge Speargun – Single band low profile muzzle – 90cm + 100cm + 110cm
Edge Spearguns are specifically designed for the harsh and tough conditions of the Australian environment. Spear fishermen in Australia tend to use more powerful spearguns than elsewhere, meaning spearguns with a larger diameter and heavier spears. Thus these spearguns are designed with a heavier construction and strength to handle longer spears, heavier spears and more power.
Edge achieved this by constructing spearguns with a cylindrical barrel which provides the optimum strength to weight ratio with the smallest profile. The barrel is also Heavy Duty with less flex and extra buoyancy to suit longer and more powerful spears.
Edge spearguns are a top choice for many divers around Australia.

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