Spear West – Chicken float


Spearwest Chicken Float

The Spearwest Chicken Float is shaped with a central waist and leg-like handles for easy winding.

Designed for blue-water flashers, it can handle heavy weights and deal with strong currents.

This float is filled with an internal foam-molded solid center and thus won’t be crushed at depth if pulled down by pelagic fish.

Its heavy duty bright orange PVC fabric outer shell helps being highly visible in the water.

This Chicken Float comes pre-loaded with 20m of 400lbs mono filament line as well as a loop for retaining line and flasher components.

It is also equipped with a quality swivelled stainless steel coastlock snap to attach your flasher and adjust its depth.

Its compact 34cm length and light weight makes it great to take on travels.

The black neck end can have a flag pole and flag fitted (no flag included).


Features of the Spearwest Chicken Float

  • Tough PVC vinyl
  • Compact and light
  • Bright orange colour
  • Rigid float 40cm long
  • Webbing loops front and back
  • Foam filled with internal counterweight
  • Stainless steel swivelled shark clip and coastlock clip

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