Salvimar Nebula 5.5mm Top

Salvimar Nebula 5.5mm Top


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  • Yamamoto 39 5.5mm Neoprene: Yamamoto Japan are the world leaders in high-tech neoprene and their medium-density no.39 tests the best for moderate to deep diving freedivers and spearos.
  • Open Cell Internal Lining: By removing the internal nylon layer typically found on wetsuits one can create a superior seal through the suction created in the now-dissected core cells. Learn more on our blog about neoprene.
  • Sandwiched Coated Layer: Instead of simply making thicker rubber, the Nebula takes two panels of wetsuits and glue them with a PU layer between the two – creating a third layer thermal insulation – until now, a core infused skin was but a dream.
  • GBS Sealed Seams: A Glued and Blind-stitched seam has been used in the Nebula as the use of a hooked needle ensures no pin-holes in the neoprene as to stop the seepage of cold water into the suit.  Reinforced with glue.  Get the full run down on seams.
  • PU Outer Skin: Smooth-skin coated external layer has dual-functionality – firstly, it allows Salvimar to sublimate the photographic camo and secondly) minimises wind-chill as it repels water and won’t stay damp when you’re back on the boat.




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