Rob Allen – Sparid Railgun

Rob Allen – Sparid Railgun


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Rob Allen


  • Low profile semi closed muzzle
  • Robust lightweight integrated rail barrel
  • Ergonomic pistol grip handle with loading butt and soft touch over grip.
  • Sear activated line release
  • Solid anchor point with swivel shark clip
  • The best quality RA blue 16mm powerband with Dyneema bridle
  • HD 400lb monofilament shooting line
  • 7mm hardened Spring steel spear with tri-cut tip, HD barb and pin
  • easy disconnect gun bungee with swivel clip
  • field friendly no tool maintenance.

Rob Allens world wide reputation of building the most ideal tools for spearfishing and it arose from years of countless dives around South Africa and the world, testing the limits of his own equipment and what can be achieved by a speargun.


Rob Allen

Spearfishing gear
Rob Allen

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