Rob Allen – Double Notch Shaft – 7.5mm


Rob Allen Impact Spears are designed to fit all Euro gun mechanisms. Engineered from ultra tough oil-quenched Carbon alloy spring steel they are tempered to 2100Mpa. Tri-cut tips ensure excellent penetration. 270 degree polished wishbone notches and polished line holes (available in both single & double notch configurations) ensure minimum wear. Each spear is mechanically decoiled from the heat treated bulk roll and hand straightened and quality checked before machining. Quatro Phase coating ensures corrosion protection four to five times better than conventional Electrogalvanising.

Rob Allen Spearguns are normally stocked with spears 40 cm longer than the length of the speargun.  For example a Tuna 900 comes stock with a 130 cm length spear.  Another example is the Snapper 1100 comes standard with a 150 cm length spear.  A size smaller or bigger will also work on the Rob Allen spearguns but the change in length may adjust how you aim your speargun.

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