Reefline – Lanyard – Coiled


The Quick Release Coil Lanyard solves an age old diving problem. We always need to attach more stuff to our equipment to free up our hands when we need them. Lanyards for lights, cameras, gauges, game bags, or maybe even a fish stringer when spear fishing.

Lanyard has a non-corrosive plastic gate snap attachment on one end and a barrel lock fastener lanyard on opposite end that secures position in seconds. This Quick Release Coil Lanyard is ideal for use with gauges and underwater photographic equipment.

First you attach the item of dive gear (e.g. camera, torch etc.) to the stainless steel split ring. Then you clip the plastic clip to one of your D-rings, or similar attachment point. When you want to extend the item of dive kit away from you, simply unlock the plastic retainer so that the smart coil can be extended.

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