Rabitech – Closed Muzzle

Rabitech – Closed Muzzle


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The Rabitech closed muzzle is suited for all Rabitech barrels, aluminium and carbon.

  • Can be fitted with rubber from 14mm to 20mm diameter
  • Line anchor point at the base
  • Suited for Rabitech barrels
  • Reinforced glass fibre
  • Can hold two rubbers
  • Closed muzzle style

The Rabitech closed muzzle is Glass Fibre reinforced and is designed to keep rubbers fixed at the centre height of the shaft to increase accuracy. The profile of the muzzle is low giving you a great line of sight down the shaft. Theses muzzles can be fitted with up to, two power bands. The Line anchor point on the base of the muzzle is to secure your gun bungee or shooting line too. This muzzle fits all the Rabitech model spearguns as well as a large majority of other brands of Aluminium railguns on the market.



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