Oceanic – F10 V.3 Freedive Watch

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 Oceanic F10 Freediving Watch

The Oceanic F10 Watch is a specific freediving computer that is used to record depths and times for those divers who are looking to improve on their diving. The great functions of this particular watch is it can have up to 3 depth alarms that you can step to allow you to know how deep you are without having to look at the watch. The alarms can be programmed from 1-8 beeps which can be repeated up to 3 times so you are always aware of what depth you are at.  It can have a max depth alarm set so you do not go past your limit and an LED back light. If you are wanting to train in a pool, you can set it to a lap timer, then when in the ocean you can flick it over to depth mode. The Oceanic F10 watch is a huge seller in the freediving and spearfishing community and with good cause, it is reliable and durable. 

 With a 4 button navigation, the F10 is easy to navigate through and will show you all you need on the main screen when in the water. It has depth, dive time, surface intervals, daily alarms, surface recovery and max a countdown timer. Being able to use fresh water or salt water measurements, you can use this particular watch all over the world in all different oceans, rivers and dams. The F.10 can be worn as an everyday watch as it has a sleep streamline design and the battery can be changed over by yourself, however we do recommend that it done by a service center so it can be pressure tested at the same time. 

 Why not grab the USB Cable to transfer your diving data from your computer to your PC, saves time and effort writing in down in a log book.

 The Oceanic Ocean Log USB is designed to connect to the Oceanic Geo 2.0 watch to transfer data from the dive computers to your Lap top or PC. The Ocean Log USB connects to the computers using a clip that sits over the metal attachment points to be able to transfer the data. The clip then has a cable to a USB that can be plugged in to your chosen computer and once connected it will send your diving log over. Most divers like to keep their diving data for reference and writing it down can be time consuming so having a transfer cable takes all the time and effort out of it. Before you can transfer the data across, you will need to download the appropriate software depending on if you are using a PC or MAC. You can fins both of these on Oceanica us website. 

 Download the Software here for PC or Mac



 Product Features

 4 button navigation 

  • Freediving Watch
  • Depth
  • Dive Time
  • Countdown timer
  • Surface recovery
  • Alarms
  • Max depth alarms
  • Back Light
  • 99 Hour Log book
  • Surface Interval
  • Time Zones
  • Daily Alarms
  • Use as a everyday watch
  • Upgradeable firmware
  • User replaceable battery
  • Fresh or salt water measurements
  • USB interface transfer cable (Sold separately)
  • Battery Life: 200-300 diver as a rough guide




 Adult – One size suits all


  • CR2430

Care Instructions

 Make sure you give it a good rinse in fresh water after every use

  • Take care when changing the battery to keep water out and dust out
  • Do not use chemicals to clean
  • Do not leave in the direct sunlight
  • Store in a safe place

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