Ocean Hunter – Plush Socks – 2mm

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The Ocean Hunter Plush Sock is constructed of the industry’s most premium high-stretch neoprene materials making them simply one of the best socks available. The plush lining, not only makes the socks far easier to put on, it also adds thermal warmth without the addition of neoprene thickness. Ideal for protection against rub and chafing, or to add warmth to your feet during long dives. Designed primarily for use in closed heel fins, but are equally as effective used inside a hard sole dive boot and open heel fin, offering added warmth, comfort and making donning your boot very easy.


  • Premium High-Stretch Neoprene
  • Easy fit, thermal, odour resistant plush lining
  • Non-slip printed pattern sole
  • Available in 2mm and 3mm options
  • Available in Sizes: XS (4-5), S (6-7), M (8-9), L (10-11) & XL (12-13)
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